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sewing machine for shoes,shoe making sewing machine

Feb 18,2022 | shoes making machine,shoe moulding machine

sewing machine for shoes,shoe making sewing machine
Single needle postbed sewing machine(needle feed & top-bottom feed) 
Double needle postbed sewing machine(top-bottom feed) 
automatic backtacking
automatic pressure foot lifting
automatic thread trimmer

Built in servo motor, mechatronics, power saving 60% - 70%
Automatic thread trimming (the tangent is short, and the knot is left at the bottom)
Automatic lifting of presser foot
It can be sewn backwards and automatically
Less mechanical failure, convenient maintenance and automatic refueling
This series of high-speed sewing machines are used in the footwear industry.
It is suitable for sewing curved medium and thick materials such as leather, bags, gloves and hats.
Servo direct drive motor is adopted to save energy.
This model adopts electronic control and does not need compressed air.
Overload clutch is adopted for rotary shuttle protection.
Needle baffle with convenient and precise adjustment.
The multi-function switch with pre programming function is built into the machine head.
Reverse sewing / intermittent locking
Selection of preset speed
Automatic thread cutting, reverse sewing and presser foot lifting.
Our main products: roller cars, computer roller cars, high-speed roller cars, direct drive roller cars, industrial sewing machines, high-speed overlock sewing machines, electronic pattern machines, herringbone cars, automatic glue folding machines and other shoe equipment.


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