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shoe manufacturing process,school shoes manufacturing machine,shoe machine factory

Feb 23,2022 | shoes making machine,shoe moulding machine

shoe manufacturing process,school shoes manufacturing machine

The general steps of opening a shoe factory to produce shoes

Step 1:Cut the raw materials with laser cutting machine or hydraulic cutting machine

Step 2:Splitting Thin the thick material with  Band Knife Leather Splitting Machine or Round Knife Skiving Machine

Step 3:Use the sewing machine to sew the cut leather material into shoe upper, Some shoe upper edges need to be folded with folding machine,Some uppers need punching and riveting

Step 4:(To the combined process section) To Nail the insole on the shoe last with the nail gun or insole fixing machine

Step 5 : To Brush the inside of the upper and the bottom of the insole with white glue, and then dry them in the oven

Step 6 : Pull the shoe upper on the insole with the toe lasting machine and heel lasting machine or side and heel lasting machine

Step 7 : Then hammer the upper to make the upper close to the shoe last, and then put it into the steam heat setting machine for moulding

Step 8  : Then take it out, To roughing the edge of the sole of the upper with the roughing machine

Step 9 : To brush the edges of upper and outsole with treatment agent, and then dry them in the oven

Step 10: Then manually brush the edges of the upper and outsole with glue, and dry them in the oven

Step 11 : Repeat step 10

Step 12 : The outsole is manually bonded to the upper and pressed with  sole pressing machine

Step 13 : To Put the pressed shoes into the chilling setting machine for shaping

Step 14 : Take the shoes out of the chilling setting machine and pull out the last with Shoe Last Slipping Removing machine 

Step 15 : Clean the shoe upper, wax and polishing the shoe upper, and then pack it

Different processes require different shoe making machines. Please communicate with Dafeng Machinery sales personnel in detail about which shoe making machines and equipment are needed


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